Spirit of Giving

made by Kiba Shiruba

made by Kiba Shiruba

The holidays grow nearer and the classic televisions shows become more and more abundant. But as we teens grow older, the holiday cartoons and movies about the spirit of Christmas start to seem a bit cliche. We’ve seen them all at least a dozen times and the messages are all the same: Christmas is about giving. The belief of Santa starts to fade and the idea of getting presents grows stronger. This overall trend starts to become more prominent among teens, but this only ruins the true joy of Christmas.

I remember the bliss of coming downstairs on Christmas day, seeing my stockings stuffed and the Christmas tree filled with presents. I was a sincere believer of Santa; he would write letters back to me and set them next to the plate of half-eaten chocolate chip cookies. But as I grew older, this innocence started to fade and went astray from the meaning of Christmas. I took advantage of the system and made sure everyone knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas. This however, wasn’t the meaning of holiday spirit.

As cliche as it may seem, Christmas is truly about giving, not getting. It’s a time to spend time with family and appreciate what you have. Santa may not be real in a literal sense, but he is symbolic of giving and appreciation. He teaches others to be open and thankful of what they have. Just because we get older doesn’t mean we can’t still believe in Santa. Because no matter how old you are, the Christmas spirit does live on.

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